XXXRadon Mitigation Services

Radon Mitigation Services are a necessary aspect of home ownership. This odorless gas seeps into home and is the leading cause of lung cancer according to the EPA, but Radon Mitigation Services can help you avoid health problems. Health professionals recommend having your home tested for radon and calling in Radon Mitigation Services specialists if the levels are above 4 pico Curies per liter (PCI/L).

A Natural Byproduct
The natural result of uranium breaking down in soil, rock and water, radon is actually a radioactive gas. With air pressure levels inside the home that are lower than outside the home, radon is naturally pulled in through foundation cracks and other minute openings. It may even be present in well water, so the gas could be released every time you turn on the water in your home, but Radon Mitigation Services will help you counteract these problems. Although it is a naturally occurring gas, it is also radioactive and a known cause of lung cancer.

Radon is everywhere
Radon Mitigation Services specialists remind you that radon is literally everywhere. It’s normal to have very small amounts of it in your home, but it does become a serious hazard if the levels grow too much. Radon Mitigation Services specialists will install systems in your home to divert the radon to the exterior of your home where it will disperse in the wind. It is also possible to handle Radon Mitigation Services on your own, but severe problems should be evaluated and addressed by Radon Mitigation Services experts.

Multiple Tests to Confirm Fluctuating Levels before Radon Mitigation Services Begins:
The result of uranium breaking down, the levels of radon will naturally fluctuate. The first part of Radon Mitigation Services is actually determining how severe the problem is. Although some risk may still exist, radon levels below 4 are considered "acceptable." Between 4 and 8 PCI/L may be safe, but you should plan to test again in a few weeks and then again in a few months to confirm that they are not rising. If your levels come in above 8 Pico Curies per liter, you should plan on performing another test in just a few days. The higher the levels, the sooner you should invest in quality Radon Mitigation Services to ensure that the air you are breathing is safe.

The Goal of Radon Mitigation Services:
A naturally occurring part of your environment, most Radon Mitigation Services professionals accept that they cannot completely eliminate radon if it is in the area. However, it can be diverted away from your living space. With Radon Mitigation Services, high levels already in the home will be reduced. Furthermore, the equipment is installed so that radon that might enter in the future will be diverted to the outside of your home where it can be harmlessly dispersed in the open air.

Sealing the Foundation Assists the Radon Mitigation Services.
The Radon Mitigation Services process begins by sealing the foundation as thoroughly as possible. Those small cracks and fissures in the foundation are ferreted out and sealed. Openings around drains and pipes are addressed to make them airtight and keep the radon out. While this is a great first step, you will usually have to take more steps as part of comprehensive Radon Mitigation Services efforts.

Suction to Move it out as part of Radon Mitigation Services:
Using some form of a suction pipe, Radon Mitigation Services can draw the gas out of the ground beneath your home and divert it to another area. With the help of a fan and vent, Radon Mitigation Services will move the gas through a network of pipes and to the exterior of your home. Once in the outdoor air, it harmlessly disperses and your family remains safe.

Radon Mitigation Services Steps to Take When Building:
Most contractors appreciate the importance of Radon Mitigation Services, so you can have a home built that will be safe. Look for contractors that specialize in Radon Mitigation Services to help protect your family. It’s more cost-effective to build the protective measures into the home than to have them added later.

Hire a Professional for Radon Mitigation Services:
Installing the special pumps and vents requires drilling through basement floors, so it’s important for you to invest in the services of a professional. In some states, you are required to invest in professional services if it is determined that you need Radon Mitigation Services. Depending on the area you live in, the cost runs between $800 and $2500, so this is a very affordable protective measure for your family. When you consider that the cost of treating lung cancer, this is also a very affordable option.

Whether you decide to install your own ventilation system for Radon Mitigation Services or you invest in the services of professionals, it’s important to invest in Radon Mitigation Services to protect your family. This odorless gas is incredibly dangerous, and the exposure symptoms may not appear for decades. Invest in having the testing done today, and invest in any necessary Radon Mitigation Services to keep your family safe.